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Official new store announcements :D:D:D:D:D

Goth Unite

Good afternoon from Goth Unite :D:D:D

Goth Unites phase 2 is now in motion

Today staff & the store owner @ Goth Unite finally get to make this exciting announcement that everyone has been waiting for.

Since the loss of Sanctuary, Millennium & New City  Edmonton & surrounding areas has not been the same & has created a big gap for the whole Goth/alternative sub-culture.


We will be opening it within the next 2 weeks !!!!

location is 4504 118th ave NW Edmonton AB Canada

there's lots of parking within the area.

there is a bus stop right in front of Goth Unite its literally get off the bus and walk right into Goth Unite.

hours of the new store will be

11am til 7pm Monday through Saturday

12pm til 5pm Sundays

closed statutory holidays.

New product line up @ Goth Unite

Goth unite is announcing its new owned brand made locally here in Edmonton helping creating jobs and local economics the new brand by the twisted minds of Goth Unite Dark Inner-sanctum

Edmonton Super flea market location

currently as everyone knows Goth Unite has a location @ the Edmonton super flea market this location will remain open until further notice as we plan to merge it with our store front.

Goth Unites phase 3 plan coming 2021

Goth Unites plans for 2021 is an independent store that were are turning into a clothing store & a venue for live band nights, cyber goth nights, Victorian vampire balls etc the endless possibilities.

with this being said Goth Unite is proud to pronounce its venue Dark City is coming next year :D:D:D:D.





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