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Updates of opening more stores in Canada & a future of a goth night club

Roughly a 15 min read.

To all our awesome & wonderful customers :D:D:D some great projects that we are working on for 2022

Please note that these are the goals we are working on for this year 2022 for Goth/Alternative community

Goth Unite since  2021 has been watching and listening to customers that come into our store we have recognized a variety of city's in Canada that are requesting Goth Unite to build more stores in.

As our long-term plan we intend to launch more stores across the nation when the right time comes but in the meantime currently we are focused on our second store in Calgary AB for 2022 with this being said we have a great deal of people in Calgary AB & surrounding areas asking for a store we have heard you & Goth Unite is actively responding to working towards is second store launch of October 2022 in Calgary AB. (please note we are looking into franchising out stores)

Please note the second store for Calgary is not yet official as sentinel is busy working out details to make this happen and watching supply chain shortages closely.

Sentinel is very adamant about building a store in Calgary but also with this being said comes with a great deal of work of Acquiring a store front in a ideal area.

Our first store in Calgary we are looking for roughly 1000 Sqft to start with to see how the store performs before taking on a larger store even thou its a smaller store we can have items sent to us from our flagship store Edmonton AB to our Calgary location if something is only in Edmonton due to limited space at the Calgary location.

The benefits of our Calgary location

Customers in southern Alberta have a shorter trip to shop @ Goth Unite

Creates new jobs & paychecks here in our Home province of Alberta.

Has the potential being able to offer good paying positions.

Goth Unite helping giving a safe & fun environment to shop in the Goth/Alternative scene, to shop with confidence without judgment & feeling welcomed and not followed around as if your looked at as a thief.

Taking an active role in the Goth/alternative scene in Calgary to help sponsor Goth/Alternative events.

Working to building a better future for the dark/alternative scene.

Goth Unites Very own night club  2022/2023

In recent times for the Goth/Alternative scene there has been very few to no places for Goth/Alternative to hang out or go out to mostly in recent times due to Covid 19.

But even before the pandemic theirs very few events to go but we do recognize the ones that are active once a month and continue to support all those events & people that host it.

Unofficially due to covid 19 that will determine when this will happen

With this all being said Goth Unite has created a new night club from scratch Code Name Dark CIty this night club is designed specifically cater to Goth/alternative scenes and all its sub cultures.

Goth Unite believes in being able to help bring the community together by making a place that goth/alternative can come to without judgment or being hurt by others & being to be themselves without fear, as recently we have been receiving a lot of sad story's of people being targeted in response to this we are doing something about it.

Creating Dark City a night club to have events every week

Drop in weekdays to listen to great music or just go hard on the dance floor.

Some weekends or weekdays will be Alcohol free allowing all ages to participate and some weekends or weekdays will be 18+ due to alcohol being served.

With all this its creates new jobs also this includes everyone in the community diversifying Goth Unites night club Dark City for everyone to enjoy to create treasure able memories that will last a person a life time.

What will Dark City do for you ?

It will open up a place that you can go dancing or social meeting other people of your peers & Interest.

Opens up the music world of Goth/alternative to find new music you may just fall in love with.

It will offer Victorian vampire balls.

Cyber Industrial nights.

80's Goth wave nights.

Live band nights local & non local.

Please note Dark city will be launched in Edmonton AB with the possibility of creating more in Canada.

It will open up a lot of new things not mention here that will be added as towards it being official.

And now for the other main news Goth Unites mobile app for android & apple

We currently are expecting our Android version to launch on February 7th 2022 and apple at a later date in February or march 2022.

Thank you again to everyone supporting Goth Unite, your support helps build the future of Goth/alternative scenes & our community together we can make a difference.

Please also note when we are hiring we will likely post of what we are looking for and what comes with the positions curently we are not hiring until these projects are started or if our current store requires more new employees.






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  • Chris on

    Just curious if we have an update for this future night club venture as of now. I’m so excited to go.

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