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Bracelet Passion
Alchemy Of England

Bracelet Passion

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A tangled cuff of bloody thorns, encrusted with drops of Swarovski crystal. A polished pewter bangle of tangled thorns, with red Swarovski crystal blood droppers.

Alchemy's bracelets are made of English Pewter which is perfect for gently bending into shape. Therefore enabling this bracelet to be available in one, adjustable size, covering from small to large. To adjust gently squeeze the ends of the bracelet to comfortably fit your wrist. Please note that repeated over-bending will cause the metal to fracture. Packaged in an Alchemy branded bag, including Alchemy Guarantee, Swarovski branded tag, care and fitting instructions.

Designed and hand made in England incorporating *Swarovski elements and fine English pewter. (Lead, cadmium and nickel compliant).
*Crystal colours are subject to availability, and may vary from the image shown.

Dimensions:55X 77X 68 (mm)



last chance this item is no longer made and is a very unique piece by alchemy of england and a collectors piece.