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Baby Dark Lord Plush Toy
Baby Dark Lord Plush Toy

Baby Dark Lord Plush Toy

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A shadow society that conjured my body, from the tip of the Templar's sword I’m the spawn of the original Dark Lord.

- Soft Luxe Plush.
- 27.5cm/10.8" To Hold, Hug or Hail.
- Stuffed With Hocus Pocus.

The spawn of the Dark Lord is here, the cutest little ‘Baby dark lord’. They are 27.5cm of huggable soft plush with detailed horns, wings and gold accents. Perfect for gifting - or best of all, for yourself!

Suitable For Ages 6+

Limited, but not numbered. Get it while you can!

with Branding. 100% Poly Mix. CE Approved.