Daughters Of Darkness Ear Wrap
Daughters Of Darkness Ear Wrap



Alchemy Of England

#Alchemy Gothic, #Underworld


Seven grieving sisters were immortalized by Zeus who transformed them into heavenly stars, the winter constellation known as the Pleiades, forever to be pursued by the lusty Orion.

A pewter earwrap depicting the stellar constellation of the Pleiades, with seven Swarovski crystals representing the stars including the final one, Atlas, suspended on a dropper.

The earwrap can be gently bent to comfortably fit your own ear; hooks over the ear and is fastened on the ear-lobe with one surgical steel ear-post.  This is made for the right ear only.

Approximate Dimensions:
Width 1.5" x Height 3.4" x Depth 1.1"
Earring - Single Ear Wrap for the right ear only
Fine English Pewter with Swarovski Crystals