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Long lasting eyebrow pen Stargazer

Long lasting eyebrow pen Stargazer

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Color: Brown

Semi-permanent eyebrow pen by Stargazer. Can be used as eyeliner!

1 ml liquid inside the plastic pen with a brush tip. Not tested on animals. Made in the UK

Strong colour long stay formula the eyebrow pen uses a thick nib so that you can fill in your eyebrow or shape them to whatever design you desire. Blends in easily with dark eyebrows. It is also a perfect tool to draw over shaven eyebrows. Can be layered for a darker finish. PLEASE NOTE: the black is actually really dark grey colour (came with brown - it is lighter than on the photo). For a darker or brighter colour - apply 2 to 3 layers (after the first line dries). Just make sure you paint on an oil-free skin or on dry skin lightly covered with an oil-free 'long stay' makeup foundation. 

Smudge-proof and cold water splash resistant on a dry skin. Best to be removed with soap or makeup remover or the Stargazer Correction Pen. Great if you want to try out your permanent makeup before you have it done for real!  

1ml. Not tested on animals. Made in the UK