Mesukmus Necklace - Goth Unite
Mesukmus Necklace - Goth Unite
Mesukmus Necklace - Goth Unite
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Mesukmus Necklace

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A gratuitous commemoration of "Sweet Death" from ancient Kabbalistic, Hebraic mysticism and delivered by the dark angels. These cherubs of the afterlife celebrate life’s passing into the otherworld. (Mesukmus; Hebrew -pronounced m-sook-mus)

A large, elaborate symmetrical pewter necklace of Baroque scrolls set with three clear Swarovski crystals and a large, black resin rose at its center above two small skulls, hung with draped trace chain and surmounted by two bat-winged cherubs; on a 7mm wide black satin ribbon fastened with an adjustable pewter slide, allowing a choker fitting or up to 34" long overall.

Approximate Dimensions:
Width 4.96" x Height 4.53" x Depth 0.67"
34" Satin Ribbon
Pewter, Black Resin Rose, Clear Swarovski Crystals, Black Satin Ribbon