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News updates and some new frequent questions please read

News updates and some new frequent questions please read

Good afternoon from Goth Unite :)

So 1 of the first things we would like to post about is online shopping with Goth Unite, customers from the USA please note that when you arrive at our website it shows the prices in usd at check out it shows it higher then what you originally saw this reason is because we do charge in Canadian dollars so for an example you added a pair of Tripp NYC pants it was 157.40 and when you go to check out it shows 209.95 please note the price in usd will be what you originally saw at 157.95 should reflect on your bank statement depending if your bank charges you a currency exchange rate or fee that is out of Goth Unites control.

Also we would also like to let all of our customers know for Canada & the USA that after-pay is available for both nations to shop @ Goth Unite @ check out select after-pay as your form of payment and follow the prompts from there.

what is after-pay ?

after pay offers you an interest free option to make a purchase at Goth Unite without having to pay for the whole bill off hand for an example 66 ordered 600.00 worth of clothing from Goth Unite and used after-pay your payments get split up into 4 equal payments of 150.00 every 2 weeks until paid off your shipment will be sent rite away.


if there is any questions feel free to comment on this post and we will do are best to awnser any questions you may have ;)