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Raffle giveaway summer 2024

Raffle giveaway summer 2024

Summer raffle giveaway @ Goth Unite!!! Don't take advantage of this great chance to win big !!
Raffle tickets
coffin raffle ticket 20.00
Goth Unite 200.00 gift card + a free pair of Demonia's 35.00 per raffle ticket.
Please note that raffle tickets are nonrefundable. Purchase receipts will be proof of the raffle ticket.
There is no limit to how many tickets you buy. The more you enter, the higher your chance of winning the raffle. Please note raffles have no cash value; prizes will be paid out as stated
all online or in-store raffle ticket purchases by all customers will be put in a big box, and the draw will be live on tic tok and will reposted to FB and Instagram
please note any products that need to be shipped the shipping cost will be the responsibility of the the raffle winner

Coffin shelve value at 800.00
200.00 gift card with a pair of Demonia's boots, an estimated value of up to 300.00  of a total estimated value of 500.00.

all raffle winners will be contacted after draw via phone or email.

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Tomorrow, we celebrate five years of Goth and Alternative fashion! 

As a thank you, we've decided to have a party! 

Join us May 18th from 11 am-8pm and enjoy cake, music, hearses brought in from @westerncanadahearseclub , and a RAFFLE! The raffle draw will be held at [specific time]. 

The top prize to be won is a $500 Shopping Spree to Goth Unite! 

As a thank you for supporting locals, enjoy 20% off, and Demonias will buy 2 and receive 70% off your third pair! (Demonia offers ONLY AVAILABLE in the store!!!!) 


Join us in giving back to the community that helped us grow. We will be accepting donations to the Edmonton Food Bank all weekend long!

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Goth Unite Presents Valentine giveaways!! 2024

Goth Unite Presents Valentine giveaways!! 2024

Goth Unite Presents Valentine giveaways!!

Our Valentine's giveaways are in-store or online.
In the store, after making a purchase, you get to select an envelope from our hanging Valentine's ceiling and open it to see what you have won. All Valentine's cards are winners. The minimum win is a 5.00 gift card. Everyone wins shopping @ Goth Unite. All online purchases with Goth Unite will also receive a random envelope in your parcel. Open it to see what you have won.

@ Goth Unites giveaway, you can win even a free new pair of boots of demonia of your choice. Please note that if the shoes must be shipped to you, the prize winner's responsibility will be the shipping cost.

Goth Unites Valentine's Day is the biggest giveaway this year, offering the goth/alt community a great new excitement of free giveaways and total giveaways listed below.

14 pairs of Demonia's to give away
100.00 gift card 1 card to give away
50.00 gift card 1 card to give away
25.00 gift card, four cards to give away
10.00 gift cards, 10 to give away
5.00 gift cards, 970 cards to give away

all giveaways will run until february 14th, 2024, unless Goth Unite runs out before february 14th, 2024. If there's more after February 14th, 2024, it will continue to run until all giveaways from in-store or online purchases have run out.

quick Q & A

Q. Can I buy a card only?

A. No customer must make an in-store or online purchase to acquire a Valentine's card.

Q. What minimum purchase is required to get a Valentine's card to win a giveaway?

A. A 20.00 minimum purchase must be made in order to pick a card to win a giveaway.

@ Goth Unite, we work towards driving a greater new future of Goth/alt fashion, including giveaways to our great and wonderful community, building great new experiences, and driving a future for all @ Canada's #1 Goth/alt store.

Please note giveaways have no cash value meaning it cannot be altered to cash only the give away won will be paid out by Goth Unite.

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30% off all demonia's & Pleaser USA + free shipping limited time only!!

30% off all demonia's & Pleaser USA + free shipping limited time only!!

Happy New Year from Goth Unite !!! We are kicking off the new year with an exceptional sale: 30% off all Demonia's & Pleaser USA + free shipping within Canada!!! Take advantage of this excellent offer deal until January 19th, 2024.
Use check out code: demonia30

Please note this deal does not combine with other store sales or offers.
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Black friday cyber monday sales  up to 40% off

Black friday cyber monday sales up to 40% off

black Friday/cyber Monday sales now starting

Demonia's boots and shoes 40% off

Tripp nyc 20% off

Rest of the store 30% off

deal applys in store or online

discount codes




please note with our awesome sale free shipping is currently not available.

sale from November 25 til November 28th 2022.

Don't miss out on the best sale of the year @ Goth Unite Canada's #1 leading Goth/alt store.


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Dracula's Blood Moon give away event 2022

Dracula's Blood Moon give away event 2022

Dracula's Blood Moon event returns to Goth Unite !!!


Win a Brand new X box X series !!!


Prizes to be won


1st Prize X box X series game console

2st prize a pair of Demonnia's of your choice

3rd prize 50.00 Goth Unite Gift card


Event starts September 15th 2022


Event ends October 31st 2022

Please note all purchases from September 1st 2022 will be automatically entered into this giveaway as an appreciation to our dedicated customers.


How to win


Must be a Goth Unite rewards member free to sign up no mass emails from us or spamming :D


Making an in store or online purchase.


Tagging Goth Unite in social media showing us your recent purchase.

Promoting Goth Unite as your favourite place to shop.

Sharing our posts on Facebook or Instagram new posts from September 15th til October 21st 2022

Use after-pay in store or online.

Using Goth Unites very own mobile app to shop on google play or apple store.


In store purchases including after-pay get 20 entries

Online store website purchases including after pay get 20 entries

Using Goth Unites mobile app to make a purchase including after-pay get 35 entries

Sharing our posts on social media or tagging us in a recent purchase from Goth Unite gains 5 entries.


Disclaimer information


all prizes have no cash value and winner will only receive the prize won, Goth Unite does not do any cash value exchanges prizes are as stated.


Goth Unite reserves the right to change modify any information or prizes deemed necessary that needs updates or add more to the Dracula's blood moon event.


Prizes that cannot be picked up in store prize winner must reach out to Goth Unite either by email or phone to arrange a pick up date.


If customer is unable to come to the store directly arrangements can be made to ship prize to customer shipping costs are the customers responsibility.


please note gift cards are sent via email no pick up is required.

All rights are reserved to Goth Unite Dark side Inc 2022

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Goth Unite give away 2022

Rise Of The Darkside sale & Give aways!!

Goth Unite 2022 Rise Of the Dark-side sale & Give aways!!!

First the the epic sale.

buy 3 items or more online or in store & get 25% off your whole purchase !!

Mix & match on purchase min purchase value of 20.00.

Sale starts July 20 2022

Sale ends august 31 2022

Please note this does not include buying clearance items or purchasing new gift cards.

Now for the Giveaways :D

prize 1 win a free pair of Demonia's of your choice.

prize 2 win a 100.00 Goth Unite gift card.

prize 3 win a 50.00 Goth Unite gift card.

prize 4 win a 25.00 Goth Unite gift card.

How to enter ?

Must be a Goth Unite member its free and easy no spam email or bombarding of promotions :D. if you have an account use the email you used online in store to login. if you created an account in store use the email you used in store to login by reset password as its does not create a password by default in store.

No purchase necessary.

Make a small video of yourself or friends with you telling us what you love most about Goth Unite on tic tok, face-book or Instagram mention us so we see it

Share our posts on social media face-book, Instagram, tic-tok.

use hashtag #GothUnite in all your pictures of you in your new outfits or purchases.(1 entry)

Mention us in a post.(2 entries)

Tag us in a story wearing what  you bought @ Goth Unite. please note the purchase must between July 15 2022 & August 31 20022.(2 entries)

Using Goth Unites mobile app on android or apple phones to checkout. (5 entries)

Using after-pay to make a purchase. (5 Entries)

In-store purchases. (7 entries)

Purchases a value of 200.00 or higher before taxes and shipping (10 entries)

Prizes will be announced September 6 2022.

3 shared posts a day 3 shares = 2 entries.

2 shares or less = 1 entry.

Tell us what you would like to see for events @ our very own night club coming soon in the near future pending for 2023. we will be reading comments :)

Rules of the give away.

Only 1 account per user.

posts older then July 15 2022 will not enter you.

A max of 3 shared posts a day 3 shares = 2 entries.

2 shares or less = 1 entry.

Be respectful to other Goth Unite followers.







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Goth Unite Presents Free Shipping to the USA !!!

Goth Unite Presents Free Shipping to the USA !!!

Our new Free shipping to the USA has finally arrived !!!

To qualify for free shipping, order value must be 300.00 or over in Canadian currency. Please note when you shop with us on the website it should show you the price in US dollars.

@ check out you may see it looks like the price went up, it did not what happens at check out it shows it in Canadian dollars please note the US dollar value is worth more then Canadian dollars when  you look at our card statement you will see that the value charge is less with the American dollar being a higher value.

If you have any questions feel free to call us @ 587-938-2775 or Email us @ gothunite@gmail.com

Please note customer service hours run the same hours as our store hours.

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special offers @ Goth Unite

special offers @ Goth Unite

New deal for January 2022 buy 1 get 1 30% off on until January 31 2022!!

A new year, a new start treat yourself to upgrading your dark wardrobe !!!

This also includes all new arrivals :D:D:D




please note online shopping it will show up at check out of 1 of the items discounted by 30%. item of equal or less will be discounted.

please note the 30% off will not work on clearance items or purchasing gift cards.


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Goth Unite presents its naughty or nice Xmas Give Away is here !!!

Goth Unite presents its naughty or nice Xmas Give Away is here !!!

Goth Unite presents its naughty or nice Xmas Give Away is here !!!


From November 17th til December 31st 2021 prize winners will be announced January 3th 2022.


12 Free pairs of Demonia's to win.

25 Gift cards to win.


How to participate in our Giveaway https://gothunite.shop/pages/goth-unite-presents-its-naughty-or-nice-xmas-give-away-is-here


Tag Goth Unite on social media wearing products bought from Goth Unite include why you love our store.


Share our posts or videos with others let them know there is a goth/alternative store in Edmonton. Please note sharing our posts does not require a purchase to enter just be sure you are signed up as a member of the Goth Unite rewards program its free and no spam email :D:D.


Quick F.A.Q Important please read.


Q. Does purchasing give me a better chance @ winning 1 of the prizes?


A. yes it does as it enters you into the Give away 10 times on a purchase.


Q. If I cannot afford to buy something but I am a member can I still enter and win prizes ?


Q. yes you can by sharing our posts on social media enters you in the giveaway 2 times per share.


A. If I win a pair of Demonia's and I do not see a pair @ Goth Unite can I request a certain pair of Demonia's for my prize ?


Q. Yes you can you are not limited to only what is in stock in store we can check with Demonia's if they are available in warehouse if they are we will have them sent to us we just need to know your size and we will bring them in if the size is to small or big we will ensure that we bring in extras of different sizes to accommodate the right size for you.


Q. What if Goth Unite is out of the Demonia's & Demonia's warehouse is out of them to?


A. Unfortunately this does happen Goth Unite suggests to keep an open mind of more then 1 style in case for any reason the style you like is out of stock or no longer made.


Q. How long do I have to claim my Demonia's ?


A. The Demonia's giveaway's people have from January 3th 2022 the time of winning til June 1st 2022 to claim there giveaway, after that the it is no longer valid.


Q. I won a gift card how long do I have to use it?


A. Gift cards do not expire they are digital & sent via email you can use them anytime you like without worry of expiry.






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November black out deals

November black out deals

Black out November sale!!! From November 3th til November 30th 2021


Demonia's 20% off Code for online: demon20


New Incenses, candles, & holders 20% off online code: Incense20


all clothing store wide Buy 1 get 1 25% off automatic at check out


New Bridgette's Gardens products 15% off online code: Bridgette15


all jewelry 15 % off online code: jewelry15


Bags, purses, backpacks 15% bag15


Discount codes for online store








Dont miss out on this months deals


please note that this does not include Gift cards or clearance items








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Goth Unite is moving to a bigger store !!!

Goth Unite is moving to a bigger store !!!

A great & beautiful dark day has arrived !!!

Goth Unites current store @ 4504 118ave NW Edmonton Ab will be relocating to 82ave (whyte ave) starting at the end of September 30th 2021 we will reopen in our new store located at 10762 - 82 Avenue (Whyte) easy way to pinpoint that you in the right area is 108th & Whyte ave there is also a church across the street from us :D.
Edmonton, AB on October 4th 2021 :D:D:D

what does this mean for Goth Unite & customers ?

a much more convenient area :D:D

the old store is roughly 900 SQFT

The new store size is 2500 SQFT  alot bigger then our current store, also in a better neighborhood that has been a concern for the staff and & customers and now we have addressed this issue to increasing the size & being in an area that everyone loves & is the favorite go to for the most part.

With a bigger store means alot more variety of products and increased hours of operations Goth Unite new store hours as of October 4th 2021 will be

Monday       10am til 8pm

Tuesday      10am til 8pm               

Wednesday 10am til 8pm

Thursday   11am til 11pm

Friday        11am til 11pm

Saturday    11am til 11pm

Sunday 12pm til 6pm

Closed on Canadian statutory holidays.

Hours depending on how busy may or will be adjusted accordingly that suits the business operations and clientele please note for safety reasons the longer days that run til 11pm between 9pm & 11pm the staff will have the door locked you will have to call the store to be let in this is for the security and safety of the staff :) staff do have the right to refuse entry to anyone that may or does make them feel uncomfortable.

With all that is happening please note that September 30th til October 4th no online orders will be processed until October 5th 2021 during this time we will be setting up the new store & getting all our operations up and running smoothy if you order during while we are moving please note you shipment will be sent asap :)





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