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Goth Unites new store promo and other important information for all

Goth Unites new store promo and other important information for all

Goth Unite is relocating to whyte ave!!! & new give away promotion!!!


Also new mystery prizes to be won read this article bout 10 min read!!


The Dracula's Blood moon Giveaway, sale & mystery prizes.

(must be a Goth Unite Member to enter its free to sign up.)


Please read promotional giveaways & details how to participate & F.A.Q @ https://gothunite.shop/pages/draculas-blood-moon-giveaway-sale



Today is a great day here @ Goth Unite as we now have a new store front location @

10762 Whyte Ave Edmonton AB Canada T6E 2A8 :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D


Goth Unites last day @ 4504 118ave nw Edmonton will be Thursday September 30th 2021.


Goth Unite will reopen at the new location 10762 Whyte ave Edmonton AB on October 4th 2021. (Cross streets are 108st & Whyte ave.)


New store hours for Goth Unite this fall as of October 4th 2021 as follows


Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday will be 10am til 8pm


Thursday, Friday, Saturday, 11am til 11pm.


Sunday 12pm til 6pm.


current store on 118ave is roughly 900Sqft


New store is 2500 Sqft, being said Goth Unite is expanding considerably in size to bring a larger variety of products & other future great unique line ups.


New Give away promotion!!! starting Sept 8th 2021 all in-store & online purchases count into entering the give away !!!


1st giveaway a free pair of demonia's

2st giveaway 100.00 Gift Card

3th giveaway 50.00 Gift Card


Sub Giveaway's 4 sub giveaways of 25.00


How to enter !!!

tag yourself with wearing what you bought from Goth Unite on our social pictures or videos.


Sharing Goth Unites post on all social media channels Facebook Instagram & tic tok.


New mystery giveaways !!!


1st mystery giveaway ?????

2st ?????

3th mystery ????


  1. Tag yourself to our Instagram face-book or 1 of our tic tok videos with you in a 10 sec video or less holding your own made sign telling us what city province/state and country your from.

  2. 2st option show us a video 10 secs or less of you and your friends showing your love for Goth Unite by wearing products you bought from Goth Unite screaming loud with your friends Goth Unite, United We Stand !!!

  3. Non purchases free entries dress in all black or best outfits or even Halloween style 10 sec video or less screaming with friends Goth Unite united we stand.

  4. Remember to tag your video to this post we will be watching all you awesome people :D:D:D (please note you don't necessary have to scream but show us excitement :D)


(must be a Goth Unite Member to enter its free to sign up.)


For your videos be creative try doing a video at a park or your back yard, or anywhere that you can think of that would make a epic 10 sec video or less. Please be respectful on public property or any private property that you have permission to do so.


Obey the laws in your local area as Goth Unite does not condone any actions that would or is a criminal offence.




All nations are welcome to join in on this to win a giveaway.


If you can't do a video then by all means you can do a picture with it stating Goth Unite united we stand or what city province/state & country your in. please do not use house hold addresses for your privacy.


Giveaway entries


in-store purchases 10 entries.

Tag your Video of yourself or with friends,family of what you bought @ Goth Unite Must be tagged to Goth Unite or mention. 1O headstones.


Tag your pic yourself or with friends, family wearing what you bought from Goth Unite Must be tagged to Goth Unite or mention. 5 5 headstones. Max 3 a day.


Sharing posts or tagging friends in our posts 3 headstones. Max 3 a day.


Our giveaways & mystery giveaways will be announced November 3th 2021


instant mystery giveaways can be won from September 10 til October 31st 2021 there are 10 mystery instant win prizes that can be only won by video tagging goth unite or mentioning us in it.




Q. what are headstones ?


A. headstones are entries into the giveaway nothing is required of you as it is automatic pics/videos will be reviewed by Goth Unite staff before headstones in the giveaway is awarded

Q. How many times a day can I tag or mention Goth Unite in a video?


A. only 2 videos are permitted per day mass video spamming will be removed without notice.


Q. how many picture tags can I do a day ?


A. only 3 pictures per day any picture spamming can or result into being removed without notice.


Q when does the giveaway entrie end ?


A. October 31st 2021 Halloween will be the last day for any entries at 11:59pm mountain standard time.


Q. does sharing Goth Unites posts enter me into the giveaway ?


A yes it goes at 3 entries max a day 1 Headstone per share.


Q. When are the winners of the giveaway announced ?


A. as stated above on November 3th 2021.


New store F.A.Q


Q. Goth Unite is shutting down for 3 days October 1st til Oct 4th 2021 can I still buy stuff ?


A. yes you can from our online store if your local and want to pick up in store it will be ready for pick up by October 6th 2021 online orders will be shipped out between October 6th-10th 2021.


Q, Is the Goth unite store on 118ave staying open ?


A. No the 118ave store will be permanently closed.


Q. your old address still shows up on social media, google, etc?


A unfortunately some maps take a couple of weeks to update but our social media such as Instagram Facebook & ticktock will be updated right away along with contact us on our website @ www.gothunite.shop or you can call, email or msg us for the updated address if you cannot find it


Q. I thought Goth Unite was never going to move to whyte ave ?


A. this happened because we got a very reasonable landlord and reasonable rent that is not going to have store products skyrocketing in price. Goth Unite focus's on doing what it can to help prices from going up 1 of the majors that we can do is watch our cost of operations that helps a lot to prevent higher prices.


Q.Is Goth Unite going to be open longer business hours @ the new location ?


A. yes Goth Unite is going to open longer hours to better serve our community :).






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