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Directions Hair colors

La Riche Directions was published on the hair coloring market in 1981, where especially the brand’s ‘extreme’ hair coloring products are well known. The bright products of this beautiful brand fit perfectly with contemporary color culture. More and more we see the most diverse hair colors. The range continues to grow and the latest trends are taken into account when producing new colors. Today, products are sold all over the world and used by professionals in the field.
La Riche Directions Semi-Permanent Hair Coloring

La Riche Directions hair dye is a semi-permanent hair coloring, performed in very different extremely bright colors. The products are highly pigmented, allowing for very distinctive hairstyles. The semi-permanent hair coloring will fade after a number of washes.

The colors of La Riche Directions Colors can easily be used on natural hair with a natural tint, but an optimal long-lasting result is achieved by using the coloring on light blond hair or by bleaching the hair first. The most popular colors are Pillarbox Red, Cerise, and Turquoise.

It is possible to mix the very wide range of colors of the brand. In this way, colors are created that are unique, contemporary, and original. The nice thing about the products is that they are ready for use, so nothing needs to be added for use.
La Riche Directions Care

For keeping your new bright haircut alive, the use of the Color Protecting Shampoo and the Color Protecting Conditioner is not a luxury. These care products of the brand have been specially developed to preserve the Color’s hair color.

Preparing the hair for hair coloring with the Colour products is also important. The Pre Color Shampoo not only makes the hair more manageable but also ensures that the coloring is better and that means enjoying your bright haircut longer and more intensely.
La Riche Directions Color Kit

No idea how to start and what you need for a color, or do you like to make it as easy as possible? Then the Color Kit is for you. This affordable set includes hair coloring, Pre Color Shampoo, Color Protecting Shampoo & Conditioner, a brush, protective gloves, and a disposable hat. Everything needed for dyeing the hair. For example, try the Color Kit Rose Red or the popular Flamingo Pink. coming soon to Goth Unite

The products of this fine brand are not tested on animals.