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Goth Unite Gift Cards F.A.Q

Gift Card F.A.Q

Q.can i get a refund in cash from a gift card?

A. No Gift cards are non refundable or returnable.

Q. I bought a gift car 6 months ago and lost the email that contained the Qr code & 16 digit code what do i do?

A. the answers is simple contact Goth Unite let us know the name on the gift cards or email if your a member we can has the card resent from our system within minutes you will not lose any money :).

Q. is there admin fees or monthly maintenance fees?

A. No Goth Unite does not charge any fees for gift cards, an example would be

JJ came in and bought a gift card in store for 100.00 he then had it put away for 9 months and realized he has a gift card he can use that 100.00 on the card will still be 100.00.

Q. do i have to spend my whole gift card when shopping ?

A. no any remaining balance will still be fully available on you gift card for the next time you shop online or in store.

Q.how do i use my gift card in store ?

A. the email with the gift card will have an QR code that staff scan at the til to redeem you gift card on purchase this QR code is required in order for staff to use a gift card towards purchase.

Q. I lost my gift card and can't remember what email i used or can no longer access that email account what do i do?

A. In reality due to security reasons we cannot change or modify the email without confirming you are the gift card holder in store you are required to present valid I.D and must match the name on the gift card or we cannot change this using alias when signing up as a member can mean that you can lose your account or lose gift cards legal names are preferred but that is risk you take if you choose to use a gamer tag name or nick name.

Q.does goth unite sell physical cards  ?

A. this question has a few reasons

We do not have physical cards we may consider some for special events only but due to cost of manufacturing cards and ensuring they pair up with our system gets expensive with not having actual physical cards this helps lower overheads (cost of operations) to prevent gift card activation fees & monthly maintenance fees, also this ultimately helps of reducing garbage and keeping a more greener environment.

Q. I do not live in town and lost my gift card and email address how do i recover my gift card when i can't just go to the store ?

A, call or email us so we can investigate in recovering your card we will ask a series of questions to help find your card and get it back into your hands.

Q.i lost access to my email and i have gift cards but i think someone used my cards what do i do ?

A. first off if you lose control of your email or had an email security breach you should reach out to us immediately to prevent from any gift cards being used by an unauthorized person please note Goth Unite does not reimbursed gift cards that you may or have lost as its everyone's responsibility to look after their gift cards treat it like your debit card or credit card its money you do not want to lose.


Please also note that Gift Cards are attached to an email address or associated with the account gift cards can be forward to any buddy or printed off to give to someone in a card. please be mindful that if they use the gift card online and select local pickup that they will require the receipt from their email from purchase in order to pick up their order please note th3e email address you use @ check out will be the email the receipt will be sent to.

Goth Unite suggestions

If your concerned about gift cards sitting in your email we suggest you print off a copy and keep it somewhere safe such as wallet,bag purse, etc.

never share an email address with someone else that can access your gift card.

make sure no one has a password to your email if using a public computer or school etc make sure to sign out and clear the browser history.

9 times out of 10 email addresses are compromised due to not practising basic security protocols think of it this way you wouldn't leave your debit/credit card at a debit machine at the store with the information written on it account its link to with your pin so just basic security can make all the difference in your day to day cyber world.