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User damaged to clothing F.A.Q

Welcome to Goth Unites clothing damage clothing F.A.Q

this F.A.Q is regarding clothing that you the user wears and accidents happen & abit of a how to Guide. Please note this guide is only to try and help and does not fully reflect on how you should do things.

Damaged clothing by the user usually this happens with bondage pants bondage jackets even the famous baggy bondage/industrial pants how does this happen?

A. the answer is usually easy its generally caused by snags or wearing a smaller size that  you normally would not wear when this happens it can cause tears as it causes to much stress on the clothing article causing to tear. first off always try on clothing slowly repositioning yourself to see that there is no tight spots that may cause stress to the pants./jackets etc that would eventually cause tears.

Bondage pants such as Tripp NYC usually have all kinds of chains and other decorative straps that hang or can be reposition  keep in mind they can snag things when your sitting down in a car or chairs etc when this happens and not checking to make sure that your chains or straps are not snagged by forgetting and getting up right away can cause it to tear the clothing article this is not a defect nor can it be returned as stated in a returns policy.

Can i fix them ?

Its very likely usually when pants etc tear its usually a straight tear and can be mended/ sewed together at ease. the store owner and staff have been wearing Tripp for years if not longer and have been through these experiences, so if this happens just remember to that your not the only 1, We took the time to write this page to better understand clothing that you wear and have bought from us.

Can snags happen just sitting ?

Ultimately snags can happen in rare case events from sitting sliding over you generally feel 1 side getting tight its best to just lift up abit and let your pants sit lose, as again tight tension tears any kind of clothing article without an issue.

Bars/Nightclubs or special outings  example

Going out is a a lot of fund being decked out looking Epic but tears can easily happen there as-well. sitting on stools or bench's/booths someone sitting on 1 of your chains in a booth you can be getting up to go to the dance floor etc and that yank can or will tear the pants please be mindful of these things also chains straps that detach we recommend taking them off when sitting down or going on a dance floor or largely crowed places.

A tip or trick to still wearing chains in large events or crowed places, if you wear trench coats that do not have straps or straps come off, wearing trench coat not zipped up( depending on time of year and temperature) can protect the bondage pants but can still relatively be seen by others to show off your cool look and reducing the risk of tears to your pants.

please note this guide is likely to get more updates in the future to help our customers out more.