CALL US NOW @ 1-587-938-2775
CALL US NOW @ 1-587-938-2775
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Goth Unite Presents Free Shipping to the USA !!!

Our new Free shipping to the USA has finally arrived !!!

To qualify for free shipping, order value must be 300.00 or over in Canadian currency. Please note when you shop with us on the website it should show you the price in US dollars.

@ check out you may see it looks like the price went up, it did not what happens at check out it shows it in Canadian dollars please note the US dollar value is worth more then Canadian dollars when  you look at your card statement you will see that the value charge is less with the American dollar being a higher value.

If you have any questions feel free to call us @ 587-938-2775 or Email us @

Please note customer service hours run the same hours as our store hours.