Ebony Directions Semi-Permanent Hair Colour

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Ebony Directions Semi-Permanent Hair Colour

Ebony – Directions Semi-Permanent Hair Colour. The darkest shade in La Roche’s palette of colors. Made from a composite of colors to achieve a black look. All black semi-permanent shades tend to be very dark shades of color as there doesn’t seem to be a viable black pigment that will do the job. Depending on the hair color underneath, the Ebony shade will fade to a lighter color. On some people, this tends to be a greeny shade, on other bluer. A strand test is definitely advisable. La Riche has been producing its vivid semi-permanent colors for over 30 years. Ever popular and loved all over the world. Available in a wide range of colors, it’s quick and easy to apply straight from the tub making Directions an excellent choice. Available in an 88ml pot and in 34 shades. Colors can be mixed to create your own unique shade!

To get the optimum color we recommend bleaching/lightening the hair first. This will give the dye a good base to work on. Using on unbleached or darker hair will generally result in a lesser effect. As with all dyes, please be aware that the result may vary due to things such as hair type, coloring, condition of the hair, etc. So for best results, we always recommend doing both a strand test (to make sure you’re going to like the finished color) and a sensitivity test (to make sure you’re not allergic to the ingredients) before using any of the hair color/bleaching products.

All our staff has extensive knowledge of all our hair dye products. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you require more information or assistance with our products 🙂

*For hygiene reasons we cannot accept returns of this item.

Ebony Directions Semi-Permanent Hair Colour