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Handmade Soap - Sun & Moon Shape perfect pink
Handmade Soap - Sun & Moon Shape perfect pink
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Handmade Soap - Sun & Moon Shape perfect pink

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Canadian Made
Handmade soap in the shape of the sun and the moon. Detergent & Alcohol Free!!! A choice of sandalwood, peppermint, mandarin and lavender.

Glycerin Soap Blends – glycerin draws moisture to the skin

  • Citrus Body Bar – glycerin, non-synthetic fragrances, detergent and alcohol free. A nice soap for those who are sensitive to butters commonly used in soaps.

  • Personal Smudging Body Bar – glycerin blend, natural oils (sandalwood & bergamot), rose and lavender petals. Sandalwood has potent protection properties, draws positive energy & removes negative energy. Bergamot is a natural antiseptic, from a physical standpoint; on the spiritual side bergamot relieves stress and grief. Rose petals ward off evil. Lavender promotes rest and eases anxiety.

  • What is Glycerin – It is a humectant (attracts moisture), improves skin smoothness, has a natural cooling effect on skin.

  • Muscle & Joint Pain Relief Bar – white willow extract in nature’s aspirin, cornflower is an anti-inflammatory, nettle relieves pain and the essential oil blend improves circulation and eases painful joints