Maryam Theotokos Ring Cross Pendant

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A strange and secretive pendant found in the 19th century amongst the ruins of Coustaussa castle, Languedoc. It is impossibly encircled by a gold ring, both it and the cross being inscribed with mysterious Latin riddles.

The Latin inscription that runs around the back of the ring reads 'Scutum Arcana Dei' which translates to - 'I protect the secrets of God'.  Whilst the intersecting text on the back of the cross reads from left to right 'Eternal blood ( of Christ )' and from top to bottom - 'Liberanos a malo' - 'Deliver us from evil'

The bond of the ring and the cross therefore become a secret life time pledge to defend the heretical beliefs of the Cathars from the persecution of the Dominican Inquisition which began in 1216.

Approximate Dimension:
Height: 3.25", Width: 2.38", Depth: 0.75"
Chain Length:
32" trace chain
Fine English Pewter with a gold plated ring and Swarovski crystals.