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Goth Unite presents its naughty or nice Xmas Give Away is here !!!

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Goth Unite presents its naughty or nice Xmas Give Away is here !!!


From November 17th til December 31st 2021 prize winners will be announced January 3th 2022.


12 Free pairs of Demonia's to win.

25 Gift cards to win.


How to participate in our Giveaway


Tag Goth Unite on social media wearing products bought from Goth Unite include why you love our store.


Share our posts or videos with others let them know there is a goth/alternative store in Edmonton. Please note sharing our posts does not require a purchase to enter just be sure you are signed up as a member of the Goth Unite rewards program its free and no spam email :D:D.


Quick F.A.Q Important please read.


Q. Does purchasing give me a better chance @ winning 1 of the prizes?


A. yes it does as it enters you into the Give away 10 times on a purchase.


Q. If I cannot afford to buy something but I am a member can I still enter and win prizes ?


Q. yes you can by sharing our posts on social media enters you in the giveaway 2 times per share.


A. If I win a pair of Demonia's and I do not see a pair @ Goth Unite can I request a certain pair of Demonia's for my prize ?


Q. Yes you can you are not limited to only what is in stock in store we can check with Demonia's if they are available in warehouse if they are we will have them sent to us we just need to know your size and we will bring them in if the size is to small or big we will ensure that we bring in extras of different sizes to accommodate the right size for you.


Q. What if Goth Unite is out of the Demonia's & Demonia's warehouse is out of them to?


A. Unfortunately this does happen Goth Unite suggests to keep an open mind of more then 1 style in case for any reason the style you like is out of stock or no longer made.


Q. How long do I have to claim my Demonia's ?


A. The Demonia's giveaway's people have from January 3th 2022 the time of winning til June 1st 2022 to claim there giveaway, after that the it is no longer valid.


Q. I won a gift card how long do I have to use it?


A. Gift cards do not expire they are digital & sent via email you can use them anytime you like without worry of expiry.






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