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privacy policy

Goth Unite does not  share any customer information with 3rd partys of any kind.

all purchases at check out require user to manually input there information credit cards bank cards etc are not stored on goth unites sever for security reasons goth unite will not be endorsing such a measure for better safety for its customers.

Goth Unite may or will add google wallet or apple pay in the future that allows you to use 1 tap check out that does not store your bank cards or credit card information on our server for better faster checkouts.


Goth Unite uses cookies for the sole purpose of faster service or to know where we are mostly gaining audience to look at how we can improve out services for all of our customers.

Goth Unites rewards program is a point program with no cash value of any kind this program is for the use of collecting points to redeem for deals or promos offered.

if you do not wish to be apart of the program please email us the account information and we will gladly remove it at your request.

Goth Unite reserves the right to remove or delete accounts that are suspected of miss use or user has more then one account.

Goth Unite does sent out promo emails of any kind if you receive one its likely a fraud if your not sure call us @ 587-938-2775 or email us @ Gothunite@gmail.com

Goth Unite does not share customer information with any 3rd party s our network is a private network and the privacy of our customers is respected unless legally obligated to share the information with local law enforcement.