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Goth coins & members login F.A.Q

Goth Unite Rewards help F.A.Q


Q. I signed up in store and cannot access my account online ?


A. If you have signed up for the rewards in store please enter the email address you used to sign in and click on forgot password as no passwords are created in store once you click forgot password do the picture selection once that is complete click summit you should receive a password reset in your email.


Q, can I check my goth coins balance in store ?


A. unfortunately no but you can check your goth coin balance by login into your account @ goth unites website as it will tell you how many Goth coins you have.


Q. how do I redeem my goth coins ?


A. first sign in to your account, once signed in you should see a screen like this screen shot below please note this screen shot was done on a mobile device.

rewards F.A.Q screen shot1


Once you click on the rewards green icon you should have a prompt screen as seen below.



From here you can select what reward deal you want to redeem you Goth Coins for Also circled at the bottom of this screen shot shows you have many Goth Coins you have.


In this screen shot you will see we have redeemed for 15% off for our whole purchase @ check out.

Once this shows copy it copys the code so you can paste it in the coupon section @ check out, it was also email you the code this code can be used in store or online you will have to present the code to the staff in order for them to redeem it on your purchase. please note it can only be used once.