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Alchemy Guarantee


All Alchemy England 1977 Fine English Pewter jewelry and accessories are hand made in England to an unrivaled quality by Alchemy’s own craftsmen. The metal we use is classed as “Fine English Pewter”. This means that the jewelry/giftware you buy from us does not contain Lead or Cadmium and is made from one of the highest grades of pewter you can get.  Unlike some pewter used to manufacture jewelry from other Countries, our pewter suppliers closely monitor the content and give us “Batch Essay” breakdowns of the exact metal content with each batch of metal we buy.

We guarantee any authentic Alchemy item against defects or faulty workmanship and materials!  

Please note this guarantee does not include general wear and tear or damage caused by the user/owner. This would include such things as surface darkening, (or patination), which is a natural effect.  Also, forced over-bending of bangles and ear-wraps, etc, which must be done gently to avoid fracture, will not be covered.

In case of any such defects, please return the offending item to us by following the Shipping and Returns instructions.  We will make the appropriate repairs or else replace the item like for like whenever possible.  If the item is no longer available, we will offer a credit voucher to an amount equivalent to its original cost.