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Clothing care Tips & tricks Goth Unite

Goth Unites clothing care Tips & tricks :D

Disclaimer please note that we created this article based of experience of staff & customers of taking care of clothing this is a guide in ideas to help preserve & long term care of clothing articles to maximize the usage of your clothing bought at Goth Unite does not in any shape take any liabilities to any miss use or interpretation of this information this hep Guide is solely to use at your discretion.

Clothing from Goth Unite, as we know being Goth/alternative people our clothing line ups are unique & is part of our everyday wear 1 of the main battles we face wearing our epic clothing is usually tears the #1 nightmare as we pay a lot to get the clothing we love & live for.

Shirts, jackets pants, hoodies etc the general standard way of keeping clothing in the best shape as possible.

With most goth/alternative clothing such as bondage pants that has spikes, studs, straps & chains 1 of the best tricks to preserving these type of pants is taking off any detachable chains & straps or personal add ons that detach turn the pants inside out tie up all draws strings like your tieing up a shoe lace so it does not become a pain to undo later, in the washing machine ensure you use cold water & use delicate mode in order to ensure clothing is not being fated from hot water & delicate to prevent pants from getting any tears, also remember depending on how old the washer machine is the agitator is a spindle that sticks up in the centre this part is a known enemy of goth clothing for damaging clothing as in tears so be mindful not to over fill with clothing as this can cause the clothing to get twisted together snag & tear. Newer washer machines do not have the agitator anymore or is barely noticeable these washer machines are very much recommended for washing our clothing in as we found lesser to no articles taking any form of damage including tears but be mindful nothing is a 100% risk free when washing clothing, the newer washer machines without the agitator greatly reduces the risk but its still not risk free.

depending on the clothing article some clothing is better to hand wash then to use a washer machine, in fact there are some clothing that is not recommended to be washed in a washer machine and should only be hand washed these recommendations are their as products are made of different materials that cannot be machined washed.

When hand washing any clothing that requires to be hand washed its likely a dryer machine is a bad idea and is not suggested it is suggested to hand dry to prevent damage to the article.

Using dryer machines

Dryer machines are great but can be a pit fall when coming to drying clothing in our day to day Goth/alternative  busy lives so this is also a good article to consider when putting bondage pants, hoodies, jackets, etc into a dryer ensure all draw strings of any kind are tied up like you would with a shoe, and put into a dryer on low or no heat.

Why do we recommend low to no heat ?

the answer is simple heat generally fates clothing faster it also causes clothing articles stitching spikes, studs to come off and usually this results into someone being upset and complaining they were poorly made this is not the case this is usually done by user error as we Goth Unite have had made this costly mistakes we all have been through it and understand how you feel and when times are tight for cash does not help the mode in any shape or form.

Our main and highly recommended way of drying clothing is hang drying out of sunlight if possible as UV rays are also a colour fader. please note after the article hang drying for hours and noticeably dry ensure the are the clothing article is hanging from maybe still wet on the hanger and may need to be re-positioned on the hanger for that area to dry this prevents mildew that produces a nasty odour and would have to be rewashed also sitting for days without attention it can cause mold and make the clothing article unusable.

Torn clothing articles from washer/dryer

We all know that sooner or later that tears are going to happen to us as we know clothing does not last forever and does deteriorate over time. with this being said most tears are usually a straight line depending on the what the clothing is made out of.

Denim is famous for L shape tears or straight lines in most cases depending on how old the article is, the fabric can be patched or sewn back together usually it just adds a epic look to the clothing but depending on how you look at it.

For torn clothing the Owner of Goth Unite is looking into a future of creating a clothing seamstress setup on site for tears or mods in general but there is nothing set in stone yet as this service we believe to be a valuable service in the future of Goth Unite.

please note in the future we will be updating this page and is subject to change without notice, as time passes we will revamp this section with more knowledge to help & assist in the future please also note Goth Unite cannot answer questions over the phone or messenger of how to fix a tear as every tear may require different needs in order to fix the matter once it is official that we do clothing repairs we are likely to be able to give advise or just bring the article in.

& from Goth Unite thank you for taking the time to read this article we hope it is helpful and look forward to adding more helpful information in the near future. :)