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Goth Unite's Goth Coins Rewards

welcome to Goth Unite's reward program.

To gain or check your point balance simply login to your account to see your current goth coin balance, if u do not have an account just simply click on login, then click on create new account to begin collecting points.
when creating a new account you automatically gain 250 points.

you gain 1 point for every dollar spent when ordering products from goth unite before shipping & taxes.

how to earn more free points ?

simply click on check rewards at the bottom left of the page and click on the tab earn.
completing your profile gains you an extra 200 points.

Being a dark member earns you birthday points of 500 Goth Coins(must be a member of 3 months or longer before your birthday in order to get the 500 Goth coins.

Liking us on Facebook and following us gains you more Goth Coins
sharing goth unites store on fb from goth unites website gains you another 150 points.

here are some rewards for example
5% off when you use 750 Goth coins. (offer cannot be combined with other discount coupons.)

10% off when you redeem 1400 Goth coins(offer cannot be combined with other discount coupons.)

there are new offers or promo's constantly each month for goth coin redemption.
please note that some restrictions may apply, Also goth unite has the right to revoke any misuse or misconduct of the goth coin program that leads to fraudulent behaviour.
for any questions on Goth Unites points program please refer to our F.A.Q section.