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Goth Unite Presents Valentine giveaways!! 2024

Goth Unite Presents Valentine giveaways!! 2024

Goth Unite Presents Valentine giveaways!!

Our Valentine's giveaways are in-store or online.
In the store, after making a purchase, you get to select an envelope from our hanging Valentine's ceiling and open it to see what you have won. All Valentine's cards are winners. The minimum win is a 5.00 gift card. Everyone wins shopping @ Goth Unite. All online purchases with Goth Unite will also receive a random envelope in your parcel. Open it to see what you have won.

@ Goth Unites giveaway, you can win even a free new pair of boots of demonia of your choice. Please note that if the shoes must be shipped to you, the prize winner's responsibility will be the shipping cost.

Goth Unites Valentine's Day is the biggest giveaway this year, offering the goth/alt community a great new excitement of free giveaways and total giveaways listed below.

14 pairs of Demonia's to give away
100.00 gift card 1 card to give away
50.00 gift card 1 card to give away
25.00 gift card, four cards to give away
10.00 gift cards, 10 to give away
5.00 gift cards, 970 cards to give away

all giveaways will run until february 14th, 2024, unless Goth Unite runs out before february 14th, 2024. If there's more after February 14th, 2024, it will continue to run until all giveaways from in-store or online purchases have run out.

quick Q & A

Q. Can I buy a card only?

A. No customer must make an in-store or online purchase to acquire a Valentine's card.

Q. What minimum purchase is required to get a Valentine's card to win a giveaway?

A. A 20.00 minimum purchase must be made in order to pick a card to win a giveaway.

@ Goth Unite, we work towards driving a greater new future of Goth/alt fashion, including giveaways to our great and wonderful community, building great new experiences, and driving a future for all @ Canada's #1 Goth/alt store.

Please note giveaways have no cash value meaning it cannot be altered to cash only the give away won will be paid out by Goth Unite.

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