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Goth Unite presents its consignment program

Goth Unite presents its consignment program

Its great new day @ Goth Unite, we are currently launching our new consignment program for those who have heavy closets and want to unload some old clothing shoes boots accessories etc.


Goth Unites program is designed to help others out to be able to sell off unwanted gear that others may want to add to there new look or wardrobe in general please read the terms & conditions for our consignment program.


Also we do have an faq available on our website for reading for any questions that may help you https://gothunite.shop/pages/consignment-items-terms-conditions-seller


If your question is not answered in the faq please feel free to call us @ 587-938-2775 or email us @ gothunite@gmail.com


for anyone looking to buy used stuff please read our consignment faq



Goth Unite is slowly transitioning from being a brand new store to a new & used store to offer a more diverse range of clothing & accessories to our great and wonderful community,


Why sell with Goth Unite ?


Goth Unite gets a lot of visitors online and in store this will increase your chance of selling off stuff you the seller no longer wants without having to deal with posting and setting up meet times to sell off things you do not want anymore making it more hassle free for you.


How simple is it to sell?


Easy come in with the clothing etc you no longer desire.

We take your information once the items you brought in are sold we call you to let you know come in sign the sold form must be Monday through Friday during store business hours, and we send a e transfer to you within 1 or 2 business days. Please note Saturday or Sunday or stat days no e transfers will be sent until the next business day.


Goth Unite working to making a difference in goth/alt scene.