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About us

A little bit about us.

Goth Unite was originally formed in October 2014 in Vancouver BC Canada it originally started as an online store slowly developing that eventually went from Vancouver BC Canada to Edmonton AB Canada starting a small store in the Edmonton flea market may 4th 2019 to becoming a store front in Edmonton Ab Canada as of October 29th 2020 & now is consistently growing.

Goth Unite originally started with only the store owner with this being said Goth Unite now has 6 employees, Goth Unite is consistently growing as a local independent Canadian owned company that supports local job creation & economics.

Our Mission.

Goth Unite recognizes how expensive the Goth/Alternative scene is to live that lifestyle, therefore Goth Unites mission is clear & has been since the start therefore Goth Unite has & successfully negotiated fair wholesale prices with a lot of the major name brands that everyone is familiar with lowering cost to help with fair pricing no over pricing products as Goth Unite believes selling by volume @ great low prices the store will greatly prosper with very happy & satisfied customers.

Goth Unite Believes in local job creation & economics.

Goth Unite has already & is always exploring new products made locally with artists or small businesses part of our plan here @ Goth Unite is job creation getting people back to work & promoting a strong & positive environment. we will have PDF forms by DEC 1st 2020 if you have a product you make & want to sell it at Goth Unite the form goes over what we are looking for in an artist or small business.

A fine example like Alchemy of England

All there jewellery has lifetime warranty from defective craftsmanship giving a customer confidence when they buy a product from Goth Unite they know there protected from faulty product.

Goth Unite has high standards in what we carry.

@ Goth Unite we take pride in what we carry if the product or products do not meet our criteria we don't carry it as we want a quality product that when a customer buys it they don't end up having buyers remorse cause it fall apart after 1 wash they are things that we have noticed in some brands & we do not condone such faulty cheaply made products.

What Goth Unite has to offer.

@ Goth Unite there are many sub cultures or believes that we support Goth Unite does not in any shape condone judging others because they are different or there style may not be what 1 of us would wear.with this being said Goth Unite caters to all kinds

Cyber goth, Victorian goth,traditional Goths,Romantic,Fetish Goth, Goth,vampire Goth, Hippie Goth, tribal Goth, Casual Goth, Steampunk, punk, pastel Goth Wiccan, Pegan, witches & so much more that the list is considerably large.