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Consignment F.A.Q

Consignment item/article F.A.Q


Consignment item/article F.A.Q


Q.Can i return a consignment item ?


A.No consignment items are final sale and are not returnable.


Q.Can i as a seller bring in non goth/alt stuff to sell ?


A.No Goth Unite stays within its demographics to ensure the store and what it carry's is consistent of what it was design to do.


Q.Can goth unite staff/management lower the price of a consignment item?


A.Sadly no we cannot as we do not own the consignment items and belongs to the seller but we can reach out to the seller if a reasonable offer is made to see if they are willing to lower there price.


Q.Can i use after pay online to buy a consignment item ?


A.Absolutely you can all our payment options are available for everything we sell.


Q.Can a consignment item/article be shipped to me?


A.Yes all products can be shipped unless stated otherwise in the description,


Q.Can Goth Unite ship world wide ?


A.Yes we can ship to wherever the order needs to be shipped to.

Q.Do u offer free shipping if i buy a consignment item/article only?


A.Unfortunately no but by buying the consignment item/article you greatly helping someone within the community. please note if new merchandise such as demonia's for example by goth unite is purchase with the consignment item/article free shipping with be available.


Q.How often does Goth Unite get new consignment item/articles?


A.It various as there's no real way for us to know when new stuff will arrive from private sellers.


Q.Can i have the sellers contact information?


A.No as the consignment sellers information is protected by our privacy policy and the seller has brought the items/articles to goth unite to be sold.


Q.What do i need to have stuff i don't want anymore to sell it at goth unite?


A.Government photo id is required in order for us to take any consignment legal name, phone number, house address.


Q.What if i don't live in town and want to sell my used clothing/items off?


A.You will have to come in store at least once with government photo ID to verify who you are once that is done we can add you as a verified seller on your Goth Unite account.


Q.I'm a verified seller but cannot bring the items to store can i ship it to goth unite so it can be sold ?


A.Yes u can do so in the shipment must contain a letter stating what is in the shipment such as 2 pairs of pants 1 shirt etc and the price wanted for each item pls note to be clear in the letter or tag each item with a price attached so we know whats to sell for.

The letter must contain ur legal name on file it must contain your phone number and email so once it arrives we can confirm we have received the package and confirm all articles sent to us has been received.


Q.If i ship consignment stuff to Goth Unite to sell will Goth Unite pay the shipping cost?


A.No Goth Unite is not responsible for shipping costs for consignments that sellers wish to sell.


Q.Can Goth Unite accept used items from other countries ?


A.At this time no we cannot due to border control and working out those details whether Goth Unite can in the future is not yet determined.


A.will Goth Unite still have new clothing etc?


Q. Absolutely we will Goth Unite is transforming its store into a new and used store to offer more of a balance price point for every goth/alt person.