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Consignment items Terms & Conditions (Seller)

Consignment items/articles Terms & Conditions (Seller)


seller items/articles must be in usable great/good condition must not be torn or damage to the point that a buyer cannot use it.


All items must be clean scene free in respectable viewing condition to the buyer.


All consignment has a fee once sold of 25% to help cover incurring costs of store operations.


Lost or theft of any items in store is the sellers risk although we do everything within our abilities to prevent theft it still an issue all stores face, Goth Unite does not take any liability of lost/stolen items.


Consignment prices are agreed on in store or by email addressing Goth Unite you give consent on the price agreed upon before it is accepted by Goth Unite.


All consignments may or will require government photo ID legal names must be used in order for us to accept any consignments under no circumstances will we accept any consignments without proper ID


Payouts to the sellers will be paid once the confirmation form is signed by the seller & Goth Unite we will pay by interact e transfer for Goth Unite & seller to have a copy for records to prevent any disputes.


If seller decides to pull an item off of consignment there will be a 5% service fee before the seller can take the item/article with them. Non refundable.


Listing your consignment items on our online store or or show casing it on our social media there is a fee of 2.00 per item. Non refundable.


Usually items sell within 14 days as we do are best to ensure items/articles are selling quickly and promptly we cannot guarantee how fast the sellers items/articles will sell.


To sell items asking reasonable prices makes all the difference and may determine weather a customer will want to buy or not.


All fees for listing must be paid upfront there is no refunds listing on Goth Unites website or social media posting.


Seller can bring as many items as they wish to the store to sell.


Goth Unite reserves the right to refuse any items/articles deemed non sell-able.


Please note used bra's, underwear, socks , perfumes or anything beauty health products will not be accepted for consignment.