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Dark Inner-Sanctum Bath Bombs

Bath bombs ingredients & understanding how our special dark Inner sanctum bath bombs benefit you.

Baking Soda property's benefit

Helps with yeast infection, fungal skin & nail infection Eczema, Psoriasis, poison Ivy, Diaper rash, poison oak, or sumac, urinary tract infection, chicken pox, sore muscles, detoxifies your body.

Citric Acid benefits

Helps with kidney infections, deals with free radicals.

Coconut oil

Fights off bacteria, viruses & yeast infections, full of vitamin E Moisturizes like crazy.

Corn starch

Helps with dryness & itching.

Koaln Clay

Helps with dry & sensitive skin, helps control oiliness removes excess sebum. clears skin pores with out stripping natural oils. natural detoxifies + exfoliator, soothes rashes & irritation tones your skin.

Epson salt

helps with arthritis pain & swelling, bruises & sprains, fibromyalgia ingrown toe nails, Insomnia, psoriasis, sore muscles, soreness from diarrhea or chemotherapy sun burns, tired swollen feet.