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Goth Unite layaway is now official !!

Goth Unite layaway is now official !!

In store only until online can be setup.


layaway is now fully available @ Goth Unite with this being said here's how it works


45 day layaway plan only


To use layaway a minimum amount of 20% of the total purchase must be paid in order to use layaway from the day you put an item or items on layaway you have 45 days in order to pay it in full.


All items on layaway will be tagged with your information and will be held until paid in full.


To better serve you we suggest signing up for goth unite rewards/purchase history program to go paperless and email you a digital copy to help reduce paper waste.

If you do not want to sign up its important that you have your print off copy from the store in order to pick up your purchase.


Goth Unites layaway program interest & Admin fees


Goth Unite does not charge admin fees or interest for using layaway you only pay your purchase total as Goth Unite works towards building its community and making Goth/alternative clothing boots shoes accessories more accessible to all :).


Goth Unites minimum layaway purchase value is 150.00 total at the til after discounts and taxes.


Layaway terms & conditions


Goth Unties terms & conditions with the layaway program


all layaway have 45 days from the day of start of layaway to pay in full. Any layaway not paid in full after the 45th day will result into Goth Unite making an attempt to reach out to you about this matter if you cannot for some unforeseen reason cannot commit to this we will refund the money paid towards the purchase on a gift card only as stated above Goth Unite does not charge an admin fee or interest on any layaway items that are honoured & paid by the appropriate time frame as stated of 45 days from the day layaway is started. If the layaway is not paid on time & has to be refunded Goth Unite will charge a 5% restock fee to cover storing the item or items & other related costs of operations. Please note the fee will come out of the money put down on the items as Goth Unite does not retain any kind of credit card or debit card information.


Within the first 7 days of making a layaway purchase you can cancel your layaway and be fully refunded to a gift card, there is no cash refunds on any store or online store purchases.


Customers responsibility


you as the customer please be advised it is your responsibility to make sure you pay any layaway items in full before the due date.

It is the customers responsibility to ensure phone number & email on file are correct in-case we need to contact you for any reason about your layaway such as coming due soon or overdue.


please note that layaway only works on products that are currently in store and in stock and cannot special order products on layaway.