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New store for end of April 2022 Edmonton :D

New store for end of April 2022 Edmonton :D

New Goth Unite store in Edmonton please read :D:D:D

Good afternoon everyone this weekend Goth Unite has acquired a new store to replace the whyte ave location.

The new store is considerably bigger than our current store on whyte ave

Pros about the new store

Its ground level & wheelchair accessible

We have our own parking lot free parking for all customers

Our new location is located @ 78ave & 104st (Calgary trial) just off of whyte ave we will update the address in a post next week.

There is a bus stop literally next to the building we will find out what bus number it is and update the info for it .For the Edmonton location this is Goth Unites final move and will become Goth Unites permanent home.

A sneak peak photo of outside the building .

Another great important update (Night Club)

The nightclub we have been working on is finally coming to play within 1 year from now march 28th 2023 provided that all goes accordingly Goth Unite will be launching the new night club designed to cater to Goth/Alternative people.

Events such as cyber goth nights, victorian vampire bal, live bands, 80's goth wave nights, & a lot more that we have not mentioned.

Also with the constant growing problem with most to all Goth/Alternative with nowhere to hang out Goth Unite is committed to creating days @ the nightclub that has no Liquor to make it all age acceptable to include everyone in the community to be able to be among their peers and share interests, make new friends & creating treasurable memories that will last a person a lifetime, Goth Unite also encourages parents that are new to the scene to come with their kids to learn more to be more informed of our great community.