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World Goth Day May 22 2022 !!! Give aways :D win free prizes

World Goth Day May 22 2022 !!! Give aways :D win free prizes

World Goth Day Celebration @ Goth Unite !! starting

Win free prizes @ Goth Unite. entry from March 22 2022 Until May 22 2022 winners announced on June 2 2022

In-store purchases prizes

1st prize win a free 6ft coffin shelve please note winner must pick up the coffin shelve it cannot be shipped. maybe a wait time as it will be built with winner is announced.

2st prize win a 50.00 gift card

3rd prize win a 25.00 gift card

Online shopper prizes

1st prize win a 100.00 gift card

2st prize win a 75.00 gift card

3rd prize win a 25.00 gift

How to enter the give away

In store purchases enters you in for a chance to win a prize in store give away.

Online purchases enters you into the online store give away.

Without making a purchase

Share our posts on social media.

Tag us in 1 of your Goth Unite purchases from March 21 2022 and on-wards.

Tag us on tic tok showing us your cool new outfits from Goth Unite.

Refer a friend to shop @ Goth Unite online or in-store.

Create a story on Instagram & Facebook of yourself & or friends showing us your love for Goth Unite.

Spin the Goth Unite discount wheel once a day online to gain a discount code from 10% off up to 45% off your purchase coming April 1st 2022

What is Required to enter.

You must have a Goth Unite account its free to sign up no ads no spam mail

Please note if you use a alias your alias will be announced as the winner it is strongly recommended that you use your real name to enter your account does not require your household address unless you are having something shipped to you.


Q. How old to i have to be to sign up ?

A.You must be 13 years of age or older.

Q.When will prize winners be announced ?

A.Prize winners will be announced on June 2 2022 on social media but we will email the winners as-well to confirm each prize winner.

Q.When is entry cut off time ?

A.May 22 2022 will be the last day for entering the give away online & in-store.

Q.How many Goth Unite accounts am i allowed to have?

A.Only 1 Goth Unite account if a person has multiple accounts to attempt winning will result into account suspension or deleted it is considered cheating and will not be tolerated.

Q.I created an account in store but can't access it online what do i do ?

A.If you created an account in store when you are online use the email address you used in store on our mobile app or website click forgot password it will email you a password reset then create new password as creating an account in store does not create a default password for security reasons. please note that the reset email may or will come up as spam but is not spam.

Q.Is my information shared with other companies ?

A.No, no ones information of any kind is shared with anyone Goth Unites network is a private network does not contain 3rd party, Unless required by law.

We Also highly recommend for a better shopping shopping experience with Goth Unite to download our mobile app on google play, currently have the apple app coming this week it was delayed but the issue has been addressed with apple, we will update everyone on the apple app as soon as its launched.

With Goth Unites mobile app you can stay up to date with our blogs & get notifications on new arrivals or new deals going on :D.